“The Tijuana Brass”: A mixer for Cinco De Mayo and beyond!

Let’s face it, not EVERYTHING wonderful comes on a fork or in a stein. Sometimes, a loooong tall glass of something crisp and cool makes time in the backyard just that much better. With Cinco De Mayo upon us, and the subsequent Summer season hot on its trail, we here at Fork & Stein have resurrected one of our all-time favorite recipes; “The Tijuana Brass”.  A clean and refreshing tequila mixture perfect for summer fun outdoors or in!

It all began as another mad experiment in Fork & Stein history.  During a 30th birthday tailgate party, we figured we’d try to curb some of the expenses by offering guests the opportunity to buy the birthday boy (ME) a shot of sweet agave! At first it seemed like a perfectly innocent idea. Then with some thought, and thankfully some foresight, we figured if every one of the 100 guests in attendance decided to buy me a shot, it would certainly be my LAST birthday! In a mad dash to figure out a way to keep myself alive we grabbed a jug of apple juice, as it was the closest in color to my lovely tequila. Everyone watched in anticipation of adverse reactions and wretching when the first test sip was taken, yet none were to be had. IT WAS PRETTY DAMN GOOD! Tumblers were handed out and pre-party celebrations on the rocks began. Our accidental breakthrough became a consistent go-to for easy and inexpensive party fare.

Of course, when it came time to coin our own Fork & Stein cocktail creation, this was the first pairing we turned to.  My trusty lab assistant, and drinking buddy Grace, set forth to test numerous test versions before we came up with the perfect combo. In this recipe we used 18 oz. “Iced Tea” glasses, but Grace professes that the portions are even better in a 32 oz tumbler! Let’s just say she REALLY likes her job!



1 Part – Tequila

1 Part – 7Up

2 Parts – Apple Juice

and just a “splash” of Cran (brings on the color and adds a hint of sweet)

The excellent Spring/Summer coloring will match even your finest of lawn furniture

We went with BIG Lemon Slices to rim the glass, just to show summer we weren’t messing around. Paired up with some Spicy Chicken Tacos, plenty of jalapeno, and a serious side helping of Elote (Corn with Mayo, Cotija cheese and spices) and you will have a Cinco De Mayo dinner, or great summer meal in the beer garden for sure!

FORK & STEIN is NOT responsible for the ease of which this drink goes down! We are also not responsible for changes in portions as more glasses are consumed. Trust me, after a few of the sweet “Tijuana Brass” measurements and inhibitions are known to go out the window! As always drink safe and responsibly.

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A HUGE thank you to my mixing partner Grace Hastings for her dedication to drink for two weeks straight to make sure we had the best possible offering we could bring you. She is definitely a trooper…and somewhat of an alcoholic! 🙂