With so many new and exciting restaurants, products, tools and food concepts popping up all around us, we’ve decided to relaunch the food blog portion of our website 

Coming soon, Straight Outta Helsinki, we have a special surprise sampling from REDD SKULL Hotsauce headed our way, to test and share. Maybe a few tips on using Alexa voice commands to control your Joule sous vide from ChefSteps. We’ll have an in depth review and run on how to change your backyard into the best pizza joint with KettlePizza –

We’re also putting together a virtual “justice league” of Chef’n Super Heroes, dubbed the “Floorboard Foodies”. They are rolling out as we speak, combing the countryside for the hottest spots, the deepest dives, and the tastiest dishes  to make your mouths and monitors drool in anticipation. We’ll be serving up reviews, recipes and much more, so loosen your belts and get ready to gain some knowledge and maybe just a few pounds.

-photo courtesy of Redd Skull Hot Sauce.

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From Truffles to Twinkies, from Schlitz to Champagne...I try it all, I love it all, I will talk about it all!!

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